It is always exciting to see who will be speaking and singing for the Anchor at Home each month. Every month, we reach out to guest speakers and musicians to be featured for our YouTube premiere. We try to line them up well in advance but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

It takes a lot of organization, perseverance and determination to stay on top of the monthly Anchor at Home. It never ceases to amaze me at how we have been able to have such incredible guests share and perform every time!

I can find myself falling into the wasteland of worry, but I find myself pulled back to the truth of the matter like a magnet.

I will have to admit there have been moments when I have been a little anxious about how it will all come together. At those times, I have learned so much about complete trust and dependence on the Lord. I can lie awake at night with worry about the details of the Anchor at Home, like who will be the next speaker and who will be singing and so many other details. I can find myself falling into the wasteland of worry.

After what can seem like hours of wasted time worrying over the “what ifs” and about how things can go wrong, I find myself pulled back to the truth of the matter like a magnet. I continually pray and take my thoughts captive to the Lord as we prepare for each Anchor at Home, committing every detail and moment to Him. I have heard that still small voice of the Lord say, “You’ve got to TRUST ME!” in a way that is more of a command than just an action word.

Recently, as I have wrestled with worry over those “what ifs,” I have firmly decided to follow the Lord’s way. I find that as I wait on Him and watch, I see Him at work. I am in awe of how by just taking a deep breath and casting all my anxiety on Him, my worry turns into expectation and excitement about what He WILL do. “Cast all of your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

Our guest speaker for our November Anchor at Home is a testimony to waiting on the Lord with great expectancy. Getting Shannon Bream, a Fox News host/anchorwomen, as our speaker is truly a God story — an anchor moment in my life I want to share!

A few months ago, as I was praying about and thinking of potential speakers, I had an epiphany. I was sitting in my favorite chair watching the nightly news show hosted by Shannon Bream and was enlightened as she began talking about her book that had just been published titled The Women of the Bible Speak.

Shannon had researched sixteen women from the Bible and written about how Jesus had touched their lives, and how relevant and encouraging these stories from so long ago are to all women of today. Jesus is interested in you and me and waiting to come along side us to love on, heal, and bring peace to those who ask. As I heard her share, I said out loud, “I wish we could have her speak for the Anchor at Home!” I thought a real anchorwoman sharing the news about Jesus would be amazing!

I decided to google Shannon Bream and see how we might get her as a speaker. I was quickly discouraged at the process, and the price! I gave up on this idea as it seemed impossible until I received an email a short time later. I was invited to the Women of Legacy Conference in Washington, D.C. and as I looked over the list of featured speakers, I saw that Shannon Bream was among them. I was thrilled!

I decided to attend the September event, secretly hoping to meet her and talk with her in person. I signed up with a friend, fellow Anchor board member Marilyn Smith, and began looking forward to an out-of-town adventure and hoping to meet my favorite anchorwoman.


Shannon Bream was the keynote speaker on the first evening of the conference. As I sat and listened to her inspiring message, I began to get cold feet. The room was filled with two hundred women. It was a lovely and elegant time of fellowship, a time to be encouraged in our faith. As Shannon finished speaking, I found I was too timid to talk to her. Suddenly, Marilyn jumped up and shot over to Shannon like a bullet. I followed suit — fast and furious — I didn’t want to miss out!

We introduced ourselves and had our photo taken with her. It was truly a celebrity moment. I had a short conversation with her which I will never forget. I gave her one of my business cards and shared a little about The Anchor. I pointed out our Anchor logo; I specifically showed her the woman symbol and the anchor swoosh and how it made an “anchorwoman”. We would be so honored to have her — a national anchorwoman — share for the Anchor at Home about the greatest news: Jesus and the hope and light He brings! Amazingly, she was interested and said she would get back to me.

My picture taken with Shannon Bream and my friend Marilyn

My business card I gave to Shannon pointing out our “anchor woman” logo

A week later, I was surprised by an email from Shannon’s assistant saying they had received the green light and she would send a video, more than I could ask or imagine. Her message this month is one not to miss and I hope you can pass it on to your family and friends.

Once again, I have seen the evidence of God at work. I am reminded to not worry or wonder about the “what ifs” but instead choose to WAIT and WATCH the Lord WORK out His WILL for the Anchor at Home and hope and pray you will be encouraged to do the same in every area of your life!

With hope and light,

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