Loren Callahan lives in Sammamish, WA. She has been married to Drake for 26 years. They have a son, Adam (21) who attends Whitworth University in Spokane and a daughter, Anna (17) who attends Skyline High School. Loren loves God’s Word, water, and being active. She is an Area Coordinator for Moms in Prayer for the Issaquah & Renton School Districts. She is very excited to be the new Program Coordinator for the Anchor!


As we roll into fall and the days get shorter, I’m thinking back on some of the memorable events of this past summer, once of which was a trip I took to Whistler, British Columbia with our extended family this August.

It was awesome to be surrounded by sunshine and glorious mountains and lakes. During our time there, we went on a short hike in the woods called “Train Wreck” which features a really cool collection of rusted and dilapidated train cars which over time have been completely covered with colorful graffiti.

What happened to create this scene? The placard tells us that this train wreck occurred on August 11, 1956. At the time, the rail line was the only direct way to move natural resources and people between Squamish and Lillooet and everywhere in between. Everyone depended on the train and any delays were a big problem. On the fateful day of the wreck, the train was behind schedule, so the crew tried to make up time by going faster. With the train going more than twice the speed limit on a sharp curve cut through rock, one of the engines jumped off the track and came to a stop. Twelve boxcars derailed and some were wedged into the narrow passage, blocking the track for days. While this scene is now a favorite destination for graffiti artists, movie makers, mountain bikers and hikers, at the time it was a huge disaster!

It led me to think about what happens in my life today. I get a little too busy, a little behind, and try to make up time. I start burning the candle at both ends. I get a little short with my husband and kids. I get self-focused. I start “driving” a little faster, literally and figuratively. When I start to go faster than the rails of life will allow, I go flying off the tracks, creating my own little train wreck of sorts!

When I start to go faster than the rails of life will allow, I go flying off the tracks, creating my own little train wreck of sorts!

But, if I can foresee the sharp curve and slow down long enough to stop and sit before the Lord, I might prevent this all too frequent disaster. When I slow down, I can listen for the Holy Spirit. I can reach out to others who He brings to mind that I might encourage today. I have noticed that when I start my day with the Lord and His word, when I “am still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10) my day is better! I can keep my eyes on Him, let Him determine my speed, keep my heart and mind in perspective and keep my life on the track!

I would encourage you to do the same today. Find ten minutes if you can and slow down, be still, and focus on Him. It can make all the difference in your day!

Written by Loren Callahan for The Anchor Journal