Thanksgiving celebrations are certain to be much different this year. Covid restrictions have clamped down again keeping gatherings small. I come from a large family so that is easier said than done.

This will be the first year I won’t be celebrating the holiday with our son or our extended family. This Thanksgiving will be spent in Davidson, North Carolina where my daughter and her family live. We are finally headed to see them after two weeks of quarantining to celebrate the arrival of our precious granddaughter Caroline who arrived on November 9th. I have a lot to be thankful for considering this crazy Covid year.

Our new granddaughter, Caroline, born November 9th

I am looking forward to being with my daughter and her family since we haven’t been together for Thanksgiving in five years. I haven’t seem them since last Christmas due to the pandemic and I admit I struggle with the whys and waiting and trying to understand God’s hand in this. It is challenging to have a child live so far away which makes this upcoming visit that much more special. Through it all I’m learning to keep my trust and confidence in the Lord, knowing that He’s got me and has the best plan for me. He is faithful and I continue to experience His goodness—He WILL show up in the details and love me and my family no matter what we go through.

... He WILL show up in the details and love me and my family no matter what we go through.

Lately during these uncertain times, I am reminded of something amazing that happened to me and I am encouraged. Not too long ago I was lying on my bed in the early morning and I quietly prayed a simple prayer, “Lord will you please help me?” It is a prayer I say often and at that particular time, life was very stressful in a number of areas of my life. Grief, uncertainties, things not going as I planned, you know that prayer. I immediately heard a still small voice say in the back of my mind, “ I AM, Katie. I am helping you and working.”

I think back on that moment because there are times in my life I wonder what He is doing and where He is—especially right now. This particular moment was a very memorable one and it brings me hope. I recalled that the Lord is referred to as the great I AM many times in the Bible—over 300 times in fact! I realized that the Lord IS helping me and at work in my life even when it doesn’t make sense or feel like it.

I was determined to share this encouraging message for an Anchor talk and was looking for just the right “I AM” verse considering there are so many to choose from. I was praying for just the right one and that my choice would be confirmed— with a sign or something. That is when the crazy part of this story occurred. I was driving out of the local Safeway parking lot in Gig Harbor when my eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a startling sight. A man stood on the corner across the street. That corner in our town is known as the “campaign corner” as people stand there on occasion to promote political candidates. This man held a giant sign that said in bold black print “I AM” with a Bible verse written underneath in red, John 8:58. I had been praying for a sign but really—a literal one?!! This was too good to be true! Never in 25 years in my small town of Gig Harbor have I witnessed anything of the sort. I rushed home to check out the verse.

I had been praying for a sign but really — a literal one?!!

It was perfect. It read, “Very truly I tell you, Jesus answered….I AM!” This spoke so loudly to me and I hope will encourage you too that the Lord is saying to me and you—I AM working and I AM all about loving and helping you especially in this pandemic and in your circumstances you are facing right now.

I am also reminded of a favorite Bible verse that I have held fast to:

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful, and thankful.” (Colossians 4:2)

I love the three points in this scripture—short and simple. I find that living by these three commands bring life that is full of joy and adventure. As I commit time to prayer, I wait expectantly on the lookout for Him to be at work in the details of my life. He knows everything about me and has the special touch in the details that speak His love to me loud and clear. My relationship with the Lord is a close and intimate one. When I come to Him with the cares of my life, He shows up, loving on me in the details of my life.

“Devote” literally means to give a large amount of time to something. To spend time with the Lord whether sitting with Him or walking with Him, I acknowledge His constant presence bringing my praise, concerns and cares to Him knowing He hears me. I find the more time I spend in prayer the more I see the Lord working in my life.

I find the more time I spend in prayer the more I see the Lord working in my life.

As we devote ourselves to prayer, we can begin to be on the watch—open our eyes and begin to see Him at work. And be thankful. I think this is probably the most important part of this verse and perfect for this Thanksgiving season. As I keep my eyes on the Lord and remember He is the great I AM, I can be confident and thankful that He has the perfect plan.

I’m excited to be in North Carolina with my family and to see the Lord at work. As you gather to celebrate this Thanksgiving, in person or virtually, may you experience the goodness and love of the Lord. As you come to Him in prayer, be on the watch and be thankful. Blessings on you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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