The holiday season is upon us; Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is around the corner. I notice three key words that stand out in these two holidays: thanks, giving, and Christ! These words sum up what The Anchor is all about.


We offer thanks to the Lord for all He has done and will do.


We focus on giving the gift of hope found in Jesus to women everywhere. We are thankful for your generous hearts and the giving of your time and resources to help spread the Good News.


And most importantly, The Anchor is on a mission to share the message of Jesus Christ, the love and relationship He brings!

Today is Giving Tuesday and we are raising money to reach more women with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are asking you to prayerfully consider joining us today by giving to The Anchor. Your donation will help to save lives for eternity and to:

  1. Recruit and train our watch party hosts/leaders
  2. Hire the “A” team — a staff with expertise to help with our growth and scalability
  3. Produce and promote the Anchor at Home on our YouTube channel
  4. Fund our in-person events
  5. Fund our marketing goals to help get the Word and our mission out — bringing Jesus to women across the country!

We are dreaming big and would love your help to come on board. We can’t do this without you! Join us on the Anchor adventure; become part of a bigger purpose to impact lives for today and forever, and to ultimately change our culture and beyond!

A big thanks to you all for giving to a cause that brings Christ to women across the country!

With hope and light,