I have an image in my mind that brings me so much joy! Recently while visiting my daughter and her family in North Carolina, I was able to enjoy a few of my favorite outings with my girls.

My daughter and two granddaughters made our infamous trip to Nordstrom (a favorite shopping tradition carried on since I was a young girl with my mom), a trip to the American Girl doll store and we then sought out a bakery where we could indulge in some delicious treats.

Being with my three girls on this particular shopping excursion brought me more joy than I could ever imagine! I was so thankful to have time with my daughter and I was pinching myself that I have been so blessed with two granddaughters. I enjoyed every minute!

Not far from my daughter’s home is a fabulous bakery that is known for its freshly baked goods and especially for its macarons. These delicate cookies are one of their specialties and are offered in an array of flavors: chocolate, raspberry, salted caramel and banana just to name a few. I was confident that my almost three-year old granddaughter would love a pink raspberry one.

The baker boxed it up and I eagerly awaited to give it to her. I will never forget the look on her face as she opened the box and exclaimed in her darling little voice, “A pink macawon!” She devoured the sugary treat with delight. This memory brings to mind a favorite Bible verse of mine. “Oh, TASTE and SEE that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who TRUSTS in Him! (Psalm 34:8)

My granddaughter, Isla, enjoying her pink “macawon!”

It is an image of pure delight to picture my little granddaughter so pleased and immersed in the full experience of tasting a delicious treat!

There is something to be said about childlike faith and the trust that comes with it. To taste something means to experience it—taking a bite trusting you will see that it is good. How do you know the goodness until you really taste it? I have experienced this over and over again as I press on in faith by following Jesus and His ways. I find a promise of His goodness every step of the way. Life brings challenges and uncertainties that sometimes make me question the presence and plans of the Lord in my life. I struggle to trust Him at times. I recently have sensed the Lord saying, “You’ve got to trust Me!” As I choose to lean into Him, I do see His goodness time and time again.

Now back home in Washington, I can see firsthand the goodness of the Lord that has come from trusting Him. Not too long ago we decided to downsize and put our house on the market. We had a beautiful home in Gig Harbor where we raised our family for twenty years and cherished memories lived in every corner. Our home sold quickly and that is where the serious trust factor came in. I questioned the Lord over and over again wrestling with the assurance that He had a new home for us.

As I diligently immersed myself in the local real estate, I came up with nothing every time. I had decided we would sell and probably end up in an apartment since I wasn’t finding anything to buy that met our criteria. I questioned and prayed: “Lord do you have a place for us?” I wrestled with trusting Him for this next chapter of my life. But he is faithful and my prayer was answered.

"Lord, do you have a place for us?"

I wrestled with trusting Him for this next chapter of my life.


My Dutch door, just one of God’s fingerprints on our home!

Just weeks before we were to move, the Lord had led me to the most special treasure! I found a newly listed house that was almost a miniature version of the home we had just sold. It was more than we could imagine. I saw the fingerprints of God everywhere I looked. The house had the features I had dreamed of……a driftwood flagpole, blue hydrangea bushes, a Dutch door, and an amazing view!

But the most special thing about this house was when we settled into it and started to move our things into the kitchen I was completely confirmed this was the place for me. I opened the refrigerator and found a gift from the previous owners. In the door of the refrigerator was a bottle of champagne. This bottle was not just any ordinary variety of champagne: it was bottled in 2009, a year so special to me, the last year my whole family was together healthy and happy before my daughter passed away. The number 2009 is so significant to me I use it in every password and combination I ever create. Somehow I knew this was the goodness of God as I poured a glass of bubbly and we shared a toast to our new home and a new chapter in our lives.

The 2009 champagne our previous owners left for us

As I took a sip of the sparkly beverage, I tasted the goodness of the Lord and my eyes were opened to His goodness. I had tasted and seen Him at work and I will continue to trust Him every step of the way. My hope and prayer is that you too can trust Him and experience the goodness and love He has for you!

With hope and light,