Connect with women in your area through faith and fellowship!

We all need an Anchor and each other to stand strong in this stormy world. Starting an Anchor in your community will provide a safe place and harbor for women of all ages to gather together, hear about faith in Jesus and values in a non- threatening way, and be encouraged and filled with hope.

Starting an Anchor entails bringing friends together to pray and dream about finding a location, dates and women to share their anchoring moments in faith. The Anchor provides a time to be together for appetizers and beverages followed by socializing and hearing messages of hope through Jesus Christ.

So get on board and help get the word out — Jesus is the true Anchor that holds firm and secure for today and forever. Launching an Anchor will bring amazing hope to women of all ages in your community and make a lasting difference for women to experience life to the fullest.

If there is not yet an Anchor in your area, please fill out the form below and an Anchor team member will contact you directly.