Jenny lives in Lake Stevens Washington with her husband, one year old son, and two lively dogs. After enjoying a 12 year career in Physical Therapy, she is taking time to be home with her son Henry.

Jenny serves as a board member for the Anchor Gathering, and is actively involved in the Young Life community in Lake Stevens. She can often be found with a paintbrush in hand, working on home renovations with her husband.

Jenny enjoys fitness, nutrition, and staying active in the beautiful PNW. She also has a deep love for community, good food, and reading.


It’s Thursday morning. I quickly do one last dash through the house making sure we’re ready to leave. Dogs have been fed, diaper bag is in my hand, and I’ve swiped up my likely very cold cup of coffee off the counter. Check, check, check! Making it out the door in the morning with my 9 month old often feels like a complete and utter miracle. I pull out of the driveway only to realize halfway down that I forgot our music class backpack, the class essentials. That one thing I can’t forget. Quick reverse! I run back in the house to grab the bag and off we go with just a few minutes to spare. I try to leave early every. single. time. but this is a typical Thursday morning. I pull into the parking lot with the speed of attempting to make it to class on time without looking like a crazy lady. Safety first. Deep breath! I get Henry out of his car seat and give him a squeeze, telling him what a wonderful time we’re about to have in class. We walk in the doors, smile and say hello to the friends in our group. Sit down, big exhale, we made it to music class! At the start of each class I usually feel a bit frazzled — first time Mom here and well… I’ll humbly admit being on time has never been my strong point, I continue to work on this!

During the next hour I feel my nerves gently unravel and relax. What ensues is the most beautiful and I would venture to say holy and joyful experience. We sing songs together with our sweet little group of babies, toddlers and their parents and grandparents. We have a lovely mix of ages and personalities. We dance, tap out rhythms, incorporate textiles, colors and humor into our music. At the end of class each child gets to play with an instrument of their choosing and make their own music. Henry lights up in class as he absorbs the rhythms and joyful atmosphere. Throughout our time in music class I’ve noticed Henry become more vocal and responsive to music.

When I was pregnant with Henry I would often play worship music in the car and he would start to kick. I liked to think he enjoyed the music! These days I will play his favorite music in the car if we’re having a rough car ride, usually it works like a charm! Same thing at home, everything seems a little better with music. It has also been a fun way for us to bond. I will forever smile when I think of our many dance parties in the kitchen, the way he grins at me when I turn on his music class tunes, and the joy on his face when we tap out “drum beats” together on the side of the bathtub.

Me and Henry

Henry’s experience with music often makes me think of our own relationship with God and music. Exodus 15:1 says “Sing to the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously.” The Bible is full of verses about music and our relationship with God. I find music brings to life a deep part of our soul that longs to connect with creator God through creativity, joy, and song. A part of us that can’t be explained with spoken words; but rather needs to be sung, moved in rhythm, hummed, or played.

“Sing to the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously.”

Exodus 15:1

My often frazzled mornings of making it to music class make me think about life and worship. So many times I have come to God with the weight and frazzle of life on my shoulders. As I sing or listen to a worship song those feelings melt away. The melody and soul of the song lifts my spirits and gives me new perspectives and life. I love the way engaging with music restores joy and calms my spirit. I also find a dance party (alone or with friends!) is an amazing way to calm my nervous system and release stress. I love how moving to music gently releases tension and replaces it with joy and whimsy. I think God created us with a very special part of our being that is expressed through music and connects with our Creator through song. I love the thought of putting down our own striving, responsibilities, and tasks to spend childlike time with our Father. Delighting and being restored in His presence through melody and worship.

“I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done; in your name I will hope, for your name is good. I will praise you in the presence of your saints.” Psalm 52:8-9

Written by Jenny Fronsman for The Anchor Journal

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