One of my favorite parts of an Anchor Gathering is our glassybaby raffle! This month we are raffling a white one that is called Hope — perfect for The Anchor and our mission.

Our glassybaby raffle tradition began nine years ago this month at our very first Anchor in Gig Harbor when we raffled off a “Hope” glassybaby and a caramel-colored one named “Friendship.” Hope and Friendship are two of the themes that the Anchor is founded on: anchoring women in faith and friendship.

glassybaby is a familiar word here in the Northwest to many but some you may be wondering what one is. A glassybaby is a beautiful, hand-blown glass votive that when lit gives off a contagious burst of light. The glass votives come in a wide array of colors, each given a special name. Living in the Northwest, you see them everywhere in homes, businesses and venues adorning tables, windowsills, mantles and more.

I remember clearly the moment I received my first glassybaby. I was entranced with its glowing light which radiated hope and joy in one of my darkest hours. I was given one as a gift at the onset of my daughter Karina’s stem cell transplant. My family had just moved to Seattle to be near the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center and Children’s Hospital to begin our daunting 100 day stay to undergo the transplant and all that it entailed.

I was given a glassybaby that was a deep golden yellow color. When lit, it shone brightly, instantly filling me with hope and comfort during this uncertain time. Once I had one of my own, I began to notice these colorful glass votives everywhere I went and thus began my own collection. I have continued my love of these votives and enjoy lighting them most every day. When considering what would be memorable to give for The Anchor raffle, I couldn’t think of anything better. I wanted to share this gift of light and bring a spark of joy to the dark storms that life can bring.

My first ever glassybaby, glowing wit hope and comfort

When lit, it shone brightly, instantly filling me with hope and comfort during this uncertain time.

The glassybaby story began back in the mid 1990s when the founder, Lee Rhodes, a 32-year old mother of three young children, was battling lung cancer. One day during that time, she placed a tea light candle into a hand-blown glass votive holder and found the effect “calming, and peaceful and colorful” and thus a company was born! glassybaby received early publicity from the likes of Martha Stewart and investments from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Apple’s Luarene Powell Jobs. The business grew quickly and now employs 80 artisans in its Seattle and Berkeley, California glass blowing facilities. You can find their boutiques up and down the West Coast.

One of the most memorable moments of the Anchor raffle happened a few years ago at the Gig Harbor Anchor. A friend of mine had recently been hit by a health storm out of the blue. She was diagnosed with cancer and was feeling anxious and afraid and commented to me, “I just need a little hope.” It just so happened that The Anchor was going to be gathering the next week so I invited her to join us. I shared with her about the mission and vision of the Anchor and my hope and prayer that she would be able to come and be encouraged. That evening of The Anchor will be one I will never forget.

There in the room of over 100 women sat my friend taking in every word. It came time to raffle off our “Hope” glassybaby. I held it up for all to see and recited our founding verse: “We have this HOPE [Jesus] as an Anchor for the soul firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19)

I took our basket of names and shook it to get ready to pull the winning one out. I reached in the basket shuffling my hand around to pick just the right one and pulled out the slip of paper. I was elated to read what it said—my friends name!

She had come to The Anchor in her desperate and uncertain state to be filled with hope—I literally gave her HOPE as I handed her the glassybaby!

Every time she lights it, she has a reminder of the hope Jesus brings as her anchor through life’s storms. I couldn’t believe the timing and the joy it brought to her face. The faithfulness of God never ceases to amaze me.

Our Forever glassybaby

We are thrilled to continue the raffle gift of a glassybaby at each Anchor at Home. In 2020, we commissioned two unique ones etched with our anchor logo in our colors of white (“Hope”) and navy (“Forever”). So as the Anchor continues to grow and we share the message of Jesus, my greatest prayer is that each one of you may be filled with the HOPE and LIGHT that faith in Jesus brings. Please join us and don’t forget to sign up for the raffle. I hope you will be our next winner!

PS — our Raise the Anchor Campaign is still running and if you give a gift of $500 or more, you’ll receive one of these exclusive Anchor glassybaby!

With hope and light,

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Did you hear about our first ever Giving Campaign? We are asking if you would prayerfully consider giving a special gift to our “RAISE THE ANCHOR” campaign to help us continue to bring hope to women everywhere.

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