As I look back over the past Anchor at Home season, I am in awe of God’s hand in the details and His faithfulness and provision of great guest speakers and musicians! I am excited to share with you an unbelievable event that just happened recently! It is the most recent Anchor Moment in my own life.

As we prayerfully planned the production of our June 2nd Anchor at Home, we decided to feature the music group for King and Country. Getting music for The Anchor from this top award winning contemporary Christian group itself is a God story. For King and Country is led by brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone, and through some special connections we had received several music videos from them to share.

Recently, I was able to attend their concert in the Seattle area with my good friend Marilyn Smith from the Anchor board. I thought it would be so fun to share pictures from the concert on our social media. I hoped that some way we would be able to meet them backstage and thank them in person for all the music they had given us. I reached out to their manager asking for a “meet and greet” after their performance. Unfortunately, they declined. I was so disappointed. That is when the story really took a turn!

The evening before the concert, I had an astonishing meeting that was so unexpectedly out of the blue. My husband and I have a tradition of going on a date night most Friday nights. We always go a well-known local restaurant in downtown Gig Harbor called the Tides Tavern. It is the local pub hang out and has been highlighted over the years as one of the best waterfront restaurants. We found ourselves there on our usual Friday and I asked for a window seat. They had none so we sat in my favorite corner of the restaurant.

As we settled in and perused the menu, my husband noticed a man standing at the table next to us and said, “Hey, isn’t that Brandon Heath?” I thought to myself, there is no way Brandon Heath is here — he lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Brandon is a top contemporary Christian singer/songwriter. We have gotten to know him over the years, and he has shared his music with The Anchor. I glanced over at the table and said, “I don’t think so,” but then I did a double take — YES! Indeed, it was Brandon! What was he doing in Gig Harbor?!

Brandon Heath, me and my husband at the Tides Tavern

It was so random and he usually calls to let us know he’s in town. We called out his name and he was pleasantly surprised as well. He came and joined us at our table. What were the chances of running into him?! He shared with us how he was in the Pacific Northwest performing some backyard concerts and had wanted to bring his manager to his favorite restaurant in Gig Harbor.

We had a wonderful time catching up and we were all in awe of the timing and happenstance of running into one another. I mentioned the concert for King and Country I would be attending the following night and that I wished we could meet Luke and Joel Smallbone in person to thank them for their music they had so graciously given to The Anchor. Brandon said with enthusiasm, “I can get you backstage to meet them!” He texted them right there on the spot. Wow! I couldn’t believe it; we got the response we had hoped for and we were in! We would be able to meet Joel and Luke after the concert. They responded to Brandon that they looked forward to seeing us. This was over the top — way more than I could ask or imagine!

I knew it was a divine appointment and was in awe of God’s goodness.

Luke Smallbone, me, Marilyn, and Joel Smallbone

The concert was fantastic and quite a show! The lights, music and message they shared about Jesus and the hope He brings was inspiring. As it came to an end, Marilyn and I made our way backstage with their production manager. We were starstruck! We shook hands with Luke and Joel, thanked them for all they had done for The Anchor, and then I got brave and asked if they would say a few words to the Anchor — all of you out there tuning in! Joel grabbed my phone and started talking and thus included the very special video to “the ladies” at The Anchor last Thursday night.

As I ponder this Anchor Moment in my life, I am speechless. If I could only describe the touch of the Lord and His love in the details of this timely meeting of this very special group. The first time I heard for King and Country on the radio was shortly after Karina passed away and we were in the depths of the darkest grief. I heard their most popular song “Burn the Ships.” The lyrics of that song brought such hope and encouragement to me.

Burn the ships is a term that means leaving the past behind. Explorers arriving to a new land would burn their ships signifying no going back to their country, but instead having a new start. The grief we felt over the loss of our daughter led to numbing life choices that were not helping us. We needed to cling to Jesus, trusting Him and not looking back. The lyrics ring out the truth — it’s a new day and that is the truth to hold onto. By holding onto Jesus, He brings the light of a new life and will do more than we can ask or even imagine time and time and again!

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised us faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

With hope and light,