As I walked the airport awaiting my recent flight home from North Carolina to visit my daughter and her family, I wandered into one of the stores. I perused the many shelves of magazines to pass the time. One of my long-time favorite magazines, Coastal Living, caught my attention and I purchased it eager to open its pages.

Some of my favorite “Living” magazines

I’ve always been interested in the places and articles it features about living on the water. As I continued my magazine search, I began to notice a theme among some of my other favorites — Southern Living, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living. Each issue featured and focused on living a certain way of life and I had an epiphany. I thought what we really need is a guide and inspiration for Anchored Living — the way of life that promises peace, calm and security.

I had fun dreaming and envisioning up what a magazine called Anchored Living could look like. I was even more spurred on with my idea after researching all of the magazines about living: Northwest Living, Green Living, Living, Mountain Living, Royal Living, Casual Living, Cottage Living… the list goes on and on!

Anchored Living would be a guide and inspiration to peaceful living.

  • It would display nautical, coastal pictures and boats at anchor to lead us to a peaceful place of God’s creation and remind us of His presence and what life with Him is like.

  • It would feature truths and promises to hold onto and would include a section on pearls of wisdom coming from others who have forged the way ahead in life, inspiring us on how to adorn our lives with that which brings beauty and confidence.

  • It would feature pictures of Anchor at Home watch parties and recipes from around the country and share Anchor Moment stories about how women of all ages have seen Jesus to be real in their lives.

  • There would be encouragement and hands-on tips for anchoring yourself and your families in faith and so much more.

So many people these days are filled with anxiety and fear and would benefit from the calm and peace of Anchored Living and by learning more about Jesus the Way the Truth and the Life. Just like a boater at anchor in a quaint cove or harbor, living anchored on the truths of Jesus would be a sure way to tranquility, steadfastness and rest.

Anchored Living brings to mind the images of my most favorite summer memories. As a boater in the Pacific Northwest over the years, my most favorite time is being at anchor. I have a few anchorages that stand out in my mind but the most stunning and amazing is being anchored along the shores of Princess Louisa Inlet in Canada. It is truly my most treasured place to be and if you’ve never experienced being at anchor, I want to take you there.

Princess Louisa Inlet

At my most peaceful anchored in the Princess Louisa Inlet

As you sit on anchor in this beautiful corner of the world there is a sense of tranquility being nestled in the palm of God’s hand. The sheer mountain rock marked with evergreen trees surrounds you with the sound of gushing and trickling waterfalls big and small spouting from nearby crevices out of the granite walls. The waters is calm and glassy and it sparkles like diamonds when the sun hits it just right. It is a sight to behold and the most spectacular place to be. This is a place of rest and freedom from the anxieties and cares of the world. I find being anchored to Jesus and His truths brings a similar sense of peace and the quiet rhythm of life that allows you to rest in calm and contentment as you would on a boat anchored in a cove. I want everyone to experience it!

Anchored living only occurs after the most important accessory of the boat — the anchor — is properly set.

I’ve experienced the anchoring process many times over the years and you know when the anchor is properly set when you feel “the tug”. It can be a stressful time getting the anchor to reach bottom. There is an uneasy feeling until you actually feel the anchor dig into the bottom below. When you know it is set, you can breath a deep sigh of relief and begin to breathe easier. The anxiety is lifted and you can experience that peaceful easy feeling the way the Lord intends for us to feel when we live anchored on Him. Living anchored on the truths and letting them sink deep into our hearts and really believing in them brings a peace that surpasses all understanding. Resting in the promises of God and believing in them brings a true sense of calm no matter what life brings.

This summer my hope and prayer for all of us is that we would feel the “tug of the Lord” and begin to experience ANCHORED LIVING — peaceful and calm. Get on board and dream with me about launching a new magazine in the near future called Anchored Living for everyone to experience peace no matter what life brings!

“He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” (Isaiah 26:3)

With hope and light,