I often think about what it takes to get through the storms and uncertainties of life. In our family history, losing our daughter to cancer in 2010 was the most devastating loss we’d experienced—and one I thought I could never bear. And now, ten years later, the Covid-19 pandemic is hovering over us bringing intense anxiety to so many areas of our lives. Despite the uncertainty, I’m finding that with God’s strength, we are standing strong. God is more real to us than ever before. During these particularly challenging times, I have come to realize how important it is to be encouraged and to help each other to stay strong in hope and light. More than ever before we need one other to face this dark time together and I am so thankful we can stay connected and gather virtually with The Anchor.

Despite the uncertainty, I’m finding that with God’s strength, we are standing strong.

Thinking back on how the Anchor got started eight years ago I feel so thankful. I gathered some friends in my living room to talk and dream about bringing women of all ages together to share about the hope that comes from faith and encourage our friendships old and new.

The first group of Anchor ladies

The pillow that inspired the name

We decided our group needed a name. I’ve always loved nautical décor, so holding up a pillow that was on the chair, I jokingly said, “How about we call it The Anchor?” We all laughed for a minute and then the more we thought on it we realized that the qualities of an anchor made sense. Anchors are strong. The symbol within an anchor’s shape resembles a cross and they hold something steadfast. I wondered if there was a Bible verse with the word “anchor” in it and I googled it. To my amazement, a verse came up I don’t remember ever reading and the words summed up our message perfectly:

“We have this hope [Jesus] as an anchor for the soul firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

Through these unique and difficult times, the metaphor of an anchor has become incredibly meaningful to me—and so very, very real. Hebrews 6:19 still speaks strongly to me. My husband and I owned a boat for many years and that experience taught me in practice how important an anchor is; it is not just a deck accessory.

My first real life experience with a physical anchor happened 33 years ago on our honeymoon aboard a 39-foot sailboat named the Mirage. Up until then, I had never really boated before except for an occasional ride in a rowboat. Sailing was an entirely new endeavor for me and I learned quickly that anchoring was a very important task. We sailed into the San Juan Islands and were so taken by the beauty. One of our first and most memorable anchorages was at the Rosario Resort on Orcas Island.

We set anchor in a quaint little cove and thought we were safe and secure for the night when suddenly a forceful wind blew in. We were awakened at 2:00 in the morning to loud voices! We looked out our port hole to unexpectedly find we had drifted into another boat. This was no ordinary boat but The Odyssey, a 100-foot explorer sailboat filled with over 40 Boy Scouts who were on deck leaning to one side to push us off. We immediately got to work pulling up our anchor and dropping it again, this time farther away and more firmly set. I learned a lot about anchoring that night.

Our sailboat anchored off Orcas Island

A boat’s anchor, though small in size compared to that of the vessel, is heavy enough to hold firm in the midst of a strong squall, or storm. It is designed to grip the bottom of the seabed so that even the strongest wind or current will not displace the boat or drive it onto the rocks or other boats. Faith is like that… when we are grounded in our belief, we are held firm despite the currents that flow around us. I find this analogy of the hope I have in Jesus as my anchor to be vivid and profound.

There are three things that are true of an anchor in the world of boating — and that are equally true in our every day lives.

  1. First, you must have an anchor that holds you strong in this life. What or who is YOUR Anchor?
  2. Secondly, the anchor must be properly set. It is very important to think about where to set it. I have found that it is important to set the anchor of Jesus and His truths in your heart. The Bible tells us, “Above all else guard your heart for out of it is the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) The heart is where life starts so anchoring your life on God’s truths will bring you real abundant life.
  3. And finally, set your anchor in the calm before the storms hit. I’m grateful that my daughter and I were firmly anchored in our faith in Jesus before the storm of cancer struck. My motto has always been “they’re never too young and we’re never too old” to be grounded on the truths of Jesus.

Since the Anchor began eight years ago I find myself noticing anchors wherever I go and hope you will too. My hope and prayer is that we will be reminded of the great significance the anchor has for our lives today. We have this amazing hope — Jesus — the anchor that holds strong today and forever no matter what storms come our way!


With love and light,

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