The beauty of creation on my run


I am an avid runner and have many favorite trails I frequent near my home in Gig Harbor, WA. Recently on my runs, I have become mesmerized with the beauty and details of nature and creation.

Just the other morning my attention was drawn to the most intricate spider web that caught my eye as it glistened in the sun as if in the spotlight. It looked like a delicate piece of lace draped between the branches. I marveled at the magnificently, finely woven web and then my eyes were drawn to the nearby leaves, brightly changing to colors of crimson, gold and yellow. My senses have been awakened on these brisk, cool autumn mornings. I can’t help but think I am getting a front row seat to the most spectacular show of God in the details!

I ponder creation and the intricacies that I see everywhere I look. I am convinced more than ever that if God Almighty is concerned with each unique characteristic of His creation than He is even more so with you and me! My morning runs have been a reminder that the Lord is passionate about loving on us in every detail of our lives. As I reminisce, I am in awe of how the Lord has loved on us in the details of The Anchor.

I am convinced more than ever that if God Almighty is concerned with each unique characteristic of His creation than He is even more so with you and me!

Last week at our watch party host Zoom meeting, each leader answered the question, “How did you learn about The Anchor?” A couple women shared about the first Anchor they attended, and it had been in Bellevue, Washington eight years ago. I remember those early days and fond memories came back to me of how everything fell into place as we planned that very first Anchor gathering for the Bellevue chapter. My good friends, Linda and Tricia, and I were excited about planning this first gathering. We had the location lined up — the amazing top floor of the Expedia building — and the food and drinks had been chosen. However, before we sent out the invites, we needed an answer from our first speaker. Linda knew Susan Hutchison, a former anchorwoman of KIRO News in Seattle, and we all thought she would be the perfect speaker for our launch event. Linda had asked her, and we decided that if she answered, “Yes” it would be a sign that The Anchor was a go in Bellevue!

Linda, Tricia and I met for dinner to continue our dreams and plans for that first Bellevue Anchor; it was an evening I will never forget! As we sat there talking over a glass of wine, Linda looked down at her phone. She suddenly looked up with a big smile on her face: Susan had just texted her great news — YES, she would speak! That was the sign we were waiting so patiently for and thus, the Bellevue chapter of The Anchor began eight years ago in October 2014.

But that was just the beginning of God at work in the details.

I remember the evening like it was yesterday. We were all excited to meet Susan. I have always wanted to meet her especially since my daughter Karina and I had attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in 2009, the year before Karina went home to be with Jesus. Susan was the keynote speaker in Olympia at the breakfast we attended. As we listened to her share, Karina leaned over to me and whispered, “Mom, I wish I could know her — she is so cool.”

Fast forward, here we were at the very first Bellevue Anchor and I was meeting Susan. I was convinced that God was loving on me in the details. And it didn’t stop there. As Susan and I shook hands and greeted one another I noticed the striking gold anchor lapel pin on her blazer and commented on it. She was excited to share the symbolism and meaning about this pin. She shared how it had been made especially for her as a gift — the woman symbol was within the anchor symbol, thus an ANCHORWOMAN. I loved it and it stuck with me.

Susan Hutchison’s anchorwoman lapel pin

The Anchor logo

The conclusion to this special story is that when the recent pandemic led us to bring you the Anchor online in your homes via our YouTube channel, I realized that we truly are anchorwomen sharing the news — the Good News — of Jesus and the hope, light, love, grace and peace He brings. We are reporting stories from eyewitnesses who have seen Jesus to be real in their lives. These eyewitnesses are the women who share with us through music and messages designed to encourage and inspire women to remain anchored in faith and friendship.

My favorite detail of this story is something that only God could do and that is our Anchor logo. We designed our logo ten years ago, a simple anchor design. In that moment with Susan, I realized it had come full circle — the anchor lapel pin she wore is the exact logo we created for The Anchor!

Each one of us has the privilege and great commission from Jesus to be an anchorwoman and tell the Good News to women everywhere!

With hope and light,