Kathi is a Seattle native and graduated from the University of Washington in accounting. She worked for Deloitte and Touche in audit right out of college. Years later she transitioned into real estate creating the Green Group as part of Summit Properties NW.

Kathi came to her faith in Christ at a very early age and had the blessing of a strong Christian family. She loves Jesus and loves people. In this phase of life, she hopes to share Christ with others and to share the joy that only God can provide in this life. As a mother of two sons, she hopes to pass onto them that we all will make mistakes and fall short, but God’s grace is sufficient.


Life has been full of many waves to navigate and moments of darkness for many people here and around the world in the past few years. I have never had so many conversations about life, illness, world events, the economy, and death. It seems everywhere we turn there is a tough story or dark moment occurring. It is more important than ever to “Be the Light” and share the truth in love.

Anchor Moment for Me

It all has reminded me of an anchor moment in my life that had to do with my dad. My dad was an athlete, played basketball for the University of Washington, and most importantly gave his life to Christ while attending the UW. A big anchor moment for him. He was a strong, loving Christian leader in our home. He was intelligent and my dad always emphasized faith can be very logical and the Bible can be substantiated from factual, historical information (I agree). In addition, he had a huge heart and wanted to share the truth and God’s love with everyone he met. This was even more clear to me the last few years of his life. As I lived close to my parents, I often took my dad to his doctor’s appointments and towards the end of his life to the ER visits as well.

One night I got the call from my mom that dad needed help and was having a stroke or heart attack. We called an ambulance, and he was taken to the hospital. With doctors deliberating on a course of action, my dad continued to have mini strokes to the point where he lost movement in his left arm, couldn’t stand, and speaking took a lot of effort. We had no choice but to opt for a newer surgery that had a 50% survival rate. It just so happened that the surgeon who specialized in the surgery was there that evening (God moment). He saw my dad and agreed to do it even though he was usually only on call one day a week at that hospital. It was scheduled for the next day. We gathered as a family to pray over my dad and then we all went home exhausted knowing he was in good hands.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night. After tossing and turning, I decided to get up in the middle of the night and go sit with him so he wouldn’t be alone. I drove to the hospital in the dark. I walked quietly into his room where he was sleeping. I sat praying for God’s help and His will to be done while waiting for morning to come. Well, I didn’t sit long before a nurse came in and woke him up. She said they had an opening in the surgery room and they were going to do the procedure now. I quickly called my siblings to come say goodbye as it was a 50% chance he wouldn’t survive. I was allowed to go with him to the surgery preparation room. It was full of machines and about five different doctors and nurses getting him ready.

Meanwhile, a staff person came in to ask him for legal consent for surgery knowing that he had a high chance of dying. They asked if he had a particular faith. He said loud and proudly “yes, I am a Christian”.

Then true to my dad’s style, he then proceeded to ask the staff person if he had any particular faith. He said “no”. My dad responded with “I highly encourage you to get a Bible and start reading in the book of John”. He had already done this routine with two of the nurses the day before and at many previous doctor visits I had taken him to over the years. It made me smile. He spoke with such conviction, clarity, and confidence. The light of Christ in him just beamed into the whole surgery room.

One last time the doctor came over to explain the surgery to us. They then asked him one more time if he was ok with the probability of dying. At that moment, it was just too much, and the tears started to stream down my face. With all the nurses and doctors around his bed, the room went silent. My Dad looked at me and said, “Hey wait a minute. What are those tears for little girl? Did I not teach you well? Do you believe in God and in Christ His son?” I said “yes”. “He said have you accepted Christ as your Savior?” I said “yes”. He said, “then there is no need for tears – after the surgery I will either see you here or in heaven”. He was so calm and at peace with dying. The whole room was silent, and a peace just permeated the whole place – it was surreal. It made Philippians 4:7, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” really come to life for me.

God took a dark moment and made it light. I could feel God’s presence as we prayed for God to guide the surgeons every step of the way and the whole team. My dad looked at me with those blue eyes and with that determined look as if to say, “Be the Light” everywhere you go. I’ll never forget that moment. The confidence and clarity he had about his eternity being in heaven was a true testimony.

I’m so thankful my dad made a full recovery and we were blessed with ten more years with him. Truly, the peace and light from God that shone through my dad in those moments was inspiring. I wonder to this day if and how it impacted everyone in that surgery prep room that morning. I know it impacted me and anchored my faith even deeper in Christ.

Share the Truth, Be the Light

In Matthew 5:14, Christ said to them, “You are the light of the world”. The light speaks of the testimony of a follower of Christ, revealing and illuminating the truth. Christ tells us to “let” our lights shine. Share your faith in Christ. When we share our faith, we spread His light. We are to surrender our lives to Him completely. When you get your relationship right with God and are filled with the Holy Spirit, He will simply shine through you.

God never promised any of us an easy life. He did promise to walk the hills and valleys with us and to give us His peace. He does promise eternal life for those that believe in His Son as their Savior. It takes the darkness out of death and shines the light of heaven on it. In these times that are so difficult for so many, “Be the Light”. Let Christ’s light inside of you shine brightly so that they may see God. The world needs God’s light, peace, love, and His Son.

If you don’t currently have a personal relationship with Christ, “I highly encourage you to get a Bible and to start reading from the book of John” (dad 101). Find someone who knows Christ as their Savior to share and grow with you in your knowledge and faith. Also, find a church and/or group gathering such as The Anchor to experience how brightly God’s light shines when we gather together in love, in His name.

Mike McCutchen (my dad) was the team captain for the UW Husky basketball team. They are honored in the UW Hall of Fame for being the last team to make the Final Four to this day. My dad was involved in Campus Crusades and Young Life after he gave his life to Christ in college. This is a “tract” that was passed out on the UW campus while he was a ball player there. He truly exemplified, Go and “Be the Light”!

Written by Kathi Green for The Anchor Journal

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