The Anchor Truth and verse this month are a great reminder and promise to encourage us in this uncertain time. More than ever, we need a trustworthy captain at the helm of the life storms that we seem to keep enduring. I have held onto this truth so strong and it helps to bring peace and confidence when the waves of life are rising.

Anchor Truth: Jesus Is Our Lord and Captain

Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.”

I learned firsthand what it’s like to have a captain when my husband, Ron and I purchased a new boat and named it the “Karina Jean.” The boat was a dream come true. We often used it to host events and gatherings with the hope and prayers that all who boarded would be anchored in faith and friendship.

The Karina Jean

The boat required a captain on board for several months while Ron learned “the ropes” so to speak. On our previous boat we ran everything ourselves, with no help from a captain, so this was a new experience for us. Having an official, certified captain on board the Karina Jean proved to be a great analogy for my faith and having Jesus as my captain.

First of all, a captain knows best. The experience and wisdom of a captain are exceptional. A captain is well trained and an expert in operating boats and navigating the waters. We would meet with the captain daily to plan our day of cruising. The captain would guide us and straighten out our plans so we headed in the most efficient and safe way to our destination.

Our captain knew where we wanted to go and what it was going to take to get there. He was an expert in navigation, and we learned to trust in his expertise. I might have a lot of my own plans, but he always knows best. I would call this time with our captain “pilothouse time.” A pilothouse is an enclosed area on a boat containing the steering wheel, compass, and navigating equipment.

I definitely liken this time to the need for similar time with Jesus on a daily basis to guide me in this life.

The Karina Jean’s pilothouse

A captain is also able to fix things, and boats have a LOT of things that can go wrong. There is great comfort in knowing our captain can solve problems and restore broken systems. This too reminded me of how the Lord is able to fix and straighten things out, and help me with my life problems and challenges.

I’ve also come to “practice the presence” of the captain. He was always on the boat, and when he was in my sight I was on my best behavior. Having a captain in our midst helped heighten my awareness of how I treated my husband, and my own attitudes, actions, and words. I was more conscious of how Jesus is my captain aboard my life, and I want to be pleasing to Him in all I say and do. Also, it was comforting to know the captain was on board even when I couldn’t see him. There was a feeling of security and confidence that we were always in good hands.

Finally, a captain can be called on at any time; in fact, on board our boat there was a phone in every room that connected to the pilothouse. He was at my beck and call, ready and able to help, guide, and direct me to safe harbors.

The captain analogy has really opened my eyes to being more aware of how Jesus is in my life as the ultimate Lord and Captain!

A real life example of this analogy happened to me while boating to the Young Life camp Malibu in Canada. There is a particular stretch of water where reliance on our captain was critical to our safety and success. It is a treacherous water way called the Malibu Rapids. This passage of water is the entrance into the beautiful Princess Louisa Inlet where the Malibu Young Life Camp is located. The rapids change constantly throughout the day with the tides. A captain knows by looking at the tide chart that there are certain times to make the passage through the rapids safely. They run fierce at high tide and without a captain’s knowledge and expertise at the helm a boat can be crushed amidst the rocks on the shore.

The Karina Jean going through the Malibu Rapids

I have seen firsthand a boat damaged on the shores of Princess Louisa inlet, a boaters’ worst nightmare. Every time I get ready to make the voyage through the rapids I close my eyes, holding on tight and trust the captain to safely take me through to the tranquil waters on the other side. This experience is a great example in trusting Jesus my Lord and Captain in the swirling seas of life. He will bring me to a peaceful place as I hold on and trust in Him.

Lord and Captain have similar definitions in the dictionary. Lord means someone having power, authority, or influence; leader, king, and commander are just a few synonyms. The word Captain means a commander, a person who is at the head of or in authority over others—chief, leader, or commander of a ship.

When we receive Jesus into our lives and believe in His truths, we allow Him to be the leader and ”Lord and Captain” of our lives. He desires a relationship with each one of us to follow and trust Him with all of our hearts. He comes on board our lives to help us navigate it on the best course He has planned for us.

This Anchor Truth set in your heart will bring a sure confidence and hope that will hold firm and secure. Your life has a captain when Jesus is on board. He gives directions, takes charge, and knows the dangers of the sea and can steer you around them, through and even over them.

Your life also has a course when Jesus is on board.

Without Him, our lives are like ships on the sea, tossed about without compass or chart. We will drift with no purpose or direction. We must be willing to follow where He leads. We may not know where we will end up at all times, but He does and that is enough. We are in the best hands with Jesus as our Lord and Captain. He has an amazing journey for each one of us and promises us He will be with us the whole way!

With hope and light,

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