November 3rd, 2022

Author and inspirational speaker Ellen Vaughn will be joined by author and nonprofit co-founder Mary Beth Chapman and Nashville singer-songwriter Jillian Edwards

How to Watch

The Anchor at Home premieres at 7pm PST on November 3rd on the Anchor YouTube channel. The whole Anchor community will be able to watch together no matter where they are!

5 Steps for a Successful Watch Party

Invite your family and friends to join you on Thursday, November 3rd to hear from guest speakers Ellen Vaughn & Mary Beth Chapman and musical guest Jillian Edwards.

Make sure to communicate with your group and share the YouTube link (coming soon), time, date and if needed, instructions to join a virtual discussion following the video.

Important: Make sure to have your guests sign up & be entered in the drawing. Guests can sign in and enter the drawing by clicking here.

Be online and tune to the video link when it premieres on November 3rd at 7pm PST. Moderate your discussion following the video.

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Mixer Prompts

Choose one, two or all three prompts to discuss so the women at your watch party can get to know one another.

  • What was the best part of your day today?

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

  • Who was your favorite childhood actor crush?

Featured Guests

Ellen Vaughn is a New York Times bestselling author and inspirational speaker who has written or co-written 25 books. Former vice president of executive communications for Prison Fellowship, she collaborated with the late Chuck Colson on a number of his seminal works.

She speaks at conferences, often travels to interview Christ-followers in hostile parts of the world, and serves on the board of directors for ICM, the global church developer.

Ellen’s latest book is Becoming Elisabeth Elliot, the authorized biography of the acclaimed missionary and author’s early life; the biography’s second volume will be released in 2023.

Ellen loves coffee, hiking, and staring pensively at the ocean.

Mary Beth Chapman is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Show Hope, a nationally recognized nonprofit in adoption advocacy and orphan care that she and her husband, Steven Curtis Chapman, founded. She is a speaker and a New York Times best-selling author.

Touched and forever transformed by the miracle of adoption in their own family, Mary Beth and Steven founded Show Hope in 2003 with its mission to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing the barriers to adoption. To date, Show Hope has helped more than 8,200 children—from more than 62 countries, including the U.S.—come home to the love, security, and permanency of a family through its cornerstone Adoption Aid grants program. For nearly 15 years, Show Hope also supported multiple Care Centers in China with an aim to provide care for children with acute medical and special needs—even building, furnishing, and supporting the flagship Care Center, Maria’s Big House of Hope, named in honor of their daughter Maria, who is now with Jesus. In 2020, building upon its Care Centers Legacy, Show Hope launched its Medical Care grants program to financially assist families with medical expenses for their children welcomed home through adoption. Furthermore, Show Hope has helped train and equip more than 100,000 parents, caregivers, church leaders, and professionals in their journeys to care for and serve well the children entrusted to them, and finally, with a focus on the future, Show Hope has engaged and mobilized more than 20,000 students in adoption advocacy and orphan care support work.

College sweethearts who married in 1984, Mary Beth and Steven have six children—three biological children: Emily married to Tanner; Caleb married to Julia; and Will Franklin married to Jillian, and three daughters welcomed home through adoption: Shaohannah Hope, Stevey Joy, and Maria Sue, who is now with Jesus. Their most treasured title is being called “Grammy” and “PopPops” to their six beautiful grandbabies, whom they love spoiling. In the fall of 2020, Mary Beth Chapman launched her online vintage store The Blue Petal, which features specially curated vintage glassware, planters & succulents, handmade candles and more.

Jillian Edwards is a singer-songwriter residing in Nashville, TN with her husband, Will Chapman, drummer for indie rock band Colony House, and their daughter, Willow Faye. Her latest album “Meadow” features music ready-made for rest, solitude and comfort. The new collection of songs lovingly point to healing and hope in the midst of suffering and pain, anchored by a God who brings peace that passes all understanding.

Discussion Questions

We hope you enjoyed the Anchor at Home! At this time, your host can lead your small group through these discussion questions.

  • Would you go to the depths of the Amazon jungle and eat monkey? (Does that actually sound like a relief from your everyday life?)
  • Where is the wildest place you’ve ever gone? Describe a trip that opened up your thinking in a new way.
  • If Ellen Vaughn was writing an authorized biography of your life right now, what would the theme or title be?
  • Give an example of a time when you saw, with the “eyes of your heart,” a reality that was physically invisible.
  • How can friends in community come together and walk with one another through pain and suffering? How can we be women of real hope to encourage and strengthen one another in the midst of the mess?

This Month’s Drawing

Guests at your Watch Party or women watching on their own will be able to enter the drawing before the Anchor at Home begins and until 9pm. Please remind your guests to enter the drawing when they arrive at your Watch Party.

October’s Drawing is for the Anchor “goodness” glassybaby, Becoming Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn, or Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

How to Enter

Visit to access the entry form.

Fill out the form and voilà, you’ve successfully entered!

Tips and Instructions for Hosts

  • Read guests the drawing URL ( and they can visit it on their mobile device to submit the form.
  • Forward your guests this page or the Watch Party Kit PDF and direct them to these instructions.
  • Print out page 4 of the Watch Party Kit PDF fold in half, and set it at your Watch Party. Ask guests to scan the QR code to enter.
  • Pull up the drawing on your device (iPad, phone, etc.) and pass it around for each guest to enter.