March 2nd, 2023

Author and speaker Leslee Stewart will be joined by Executive Director of League of Our Own WA Kaitlin Vintertun and singer and actress Aubrey Cleland

How to Watch

The Anchor at Home premieres at 7pm PST on March 2nd on the Anchor YouTube channel. The whole Anchor community will be able to watch together no matter where they are!

5 Steps for a Successful Watch Party

Invite your family and friends to join you on Thursday, March 2nd to hear from guest speakers Leslee Stewart and Kaitlin Vintertun and musical guest Aubrey Cleland.

Important: Make sure to have your guests sign up & be entered in the drawing. Guests can sign in and enter the drawing by clicking here.

Be online and tune to the video link when it premieres on March 2nd at 7pm PST. You can also subscribe to our channel and easily find our content. Moderate your discussion following the video.

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Mixer Prompts

Choose one, two or all three prompts to discuss so the women at your watch party can get to know one another.

  • What is your favorite color to wear?

  • Who is your favorite Disney Character?

  • Would you rather be the funniest or smartest person in the room?

Featured Guests

Our speaker, author Leslee Stewart, will be sharing why we need to lean into God during difficult seasons of our lives. After walking through a tough loss, Leslee found herself trying to control everything and everyone around her, but in the end, she just felt out of control. She shares how God used an old video of her learning to do something for the very first time to reveal that releasing her grip of control and leaning fully into Him, even when she felt unsure, was a better way to heal from the hurt she was walking through.

Leslee Stewart is an author and speaker who loves to share a little bit about a lot of things and a lot about the One thing that matters. Over the years, she’s worn many different titles: reporter, communications executive, ministry leader, and that one time when she stepped up to the plate and volunteered to be her son’s little league coach. While each role came with varying levels of success, her life experiences continue to make great material for highly-relatable storytelling.

You can read more about her stories in her first book, A Little Bit About a Lot of Things: Stories of Finding Freedom in the Funny, Fearful, and Unforgettable Moments of Life which is available on Amazon. Married to her husband Jon for 25 years, her favorite role is that of sideline cheerleader for her two, sports-obsessed teenage sons.

Her goals in life are simple—learning to master the perfect guacamole, getting her boys to appreciate musicals, and someday singing backup for Aretha Franklin in heaven.

Kaitlin Vintertun is the Executive Director of League of Our Own Washington, an organization dedicated to recruiting and training women who believe in free markets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility to run for office. She was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska before moving to Washington State in 2009.

After graduating from Central Washington University, Kaitlin started her work in politics on a statewide U.S. Senate Race, then as Finance Director for the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP), then ultimately as Executive Director of the WSRP. It was during her time at the State Party that she developed her passion for empowering women to make a difference by running for public office. Kaitlin and her family live in Duvall, Washington. She and her husband are licensed foster parents and have a passion for helping kids from hard places. Kaitlin loves to spend her time cheering on Seattle sports teams, especially her beloved Seattle Kraken!

Aubrey Cleland is a singer and actress from West Linn, Oregon. For as long as she can remember she has been a lover of the arts. She has pursued a career in entertainment in Los Angeles and was fortunate enough to be a top 11 finalist on season 12 of American Idol and sing background vocals for Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards. Since then she has also had the opportunity to act in projects such as Marvel’s Black Widow, The Rookie, Lethal Weapon, Lifetime Network’s List of a Lifetime, and more. She sings and acts in the hopes that the spirit of God shines through her and inspires others.

Discussion Questions

We hope you enjoyed the Anchor at Home! At this time, your host can lead your small group through these discussion questions.

  • Share about a time when you tried something for the very first time. What emotions or thoughts were you experiencing before you tried it and what emotions or thoughts were you experiencing after you tried it?
  • Why do you think it is hard to trust God with our fears and worries?
  • Leslee gave us three action steps to help us lean in and trust God more. Which one do you want to start doing and why?

    a. Telling God about my fears
    b. Finding a verse about trusting God and committing it to memory
    c. Examining how much of my heart am I really entrusting to God

This Month’s Drawing

Guests at your Watch Party or women watching on their own will be able to enter the drawing before the Anchor at Home begins and until 9pm. Please remind your guests to enter the drawing when they arrive at your Watch Party.

March’s Drawing is for the Anchor “forever” glassybaby and main speaker Leslee Stewart’s newest book!

How to Enter

Visit to access the entry form.

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Tips and Instructions for Hosts

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  • Print out page 4 of the Watch Party Kit PDF fold in half, and set it at your Watch Party. Ask guests to scan the QR code to enter.
  • Pull up the drawing on your device (iPad, phone, etc.) and pass it around for each guest to enter.