Every month, we will be sharing one of our favorite Anchor Moments with you. The Anchor Moment is a special time of sharing where someone briefly shares about a time in their life when their faith has truly anchored them, inspired them or directed their decision making.


This weeks Anchor moment is from Ruth McKeaney, a writer and intentional homemaker, from Berwyn, PA.

Ruth is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Virginia, and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. Ruth and her husband, Bob, are now raising their five children on their restored historic farm in Berwyn, PA. (Hillside Farm was featured in the books Stone Houses and Theology of Home and has been exhibited in multiple home tours.) They have flipped many historic homes over the last two decades and joyfully lived in each one of them. They have company more often than not in a given year.

As a constant host (to literally thousands of people over the years), Ruth goes to the heart of what makes one feel at home. Every day, her goal is to make her home a safe place so her family and her guests have the opportunity to have deeper needs met. Intentional homemaking, in its most idealized form, is creating a setting where vulnerability and honesty are valued and protected, where understanding and grace are fostered and love freely given.

Follow Ruth: @hungryforhome

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